ImmersionRC Vortex Quadcopter Clone.

I looked at buying an immersion RC Vortex Quadcopter but was scared off by the price. I found that i could buy most of the Chassis parts from their crash kits 1 And 2. I made the bottom Chassis plate from a small sheet of 1.5mm Carbon fibre. I then cannibalized my Emax 250 Quad for the parts and fitted them into the Vortex Chassis. Total cost to build was approx £65.
DYS 20Amp Bl Heli Speed Controllers
Emax MT2204 2300kv Motors
5045 DAL Bullnose Props
36mm Power Distribution board with 5 volt bec.
Small buck converter with 16 volt capacitor for FPV TX.
1000TVL HD COMS Camera
Its a tight squeeze to get all the components in.

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