JJRC H36 vs Furibee F36 Motors and Frame Mod Test Flight03:22

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A Big Improvement on the JJRC H36 vs Furibee F36 when Upgrading With F36 Motors and Test Flight

During the Outdoor test flight Battle between the two most popular micro drones on a budget in the Rc hobby

We found the E010 a much better quadcopter when it come’s to flying outdoors because it’s come with more pitch rate and a better yaw Control out of the Box than the stock remote control

The only thing missing is the thrust and frame from the F36
That’s just a stock comparison iff you count up the fact you can use your Frsky ore turnigy 9xr radio to fly

The E010 and JJRC H36 Can be used with the multiprotocol Tx Module, Giving you the Best Micro drone on a Budget + F36 Motors and frame cost only 7$

Buy at Banggood
Even better than F36 motors https://goo.gl/1UCPVa
Better frame than F36 https://goo.gl/s1JU7M
45c 1s Lipo Battery https://goo.gl/eyJTJp
Eachine E010 Flight Controller https://goo.gl/QKoxgm
Multiprotocol TX Module https://goo.gl/03S8Hh
Eachine E010 https://goo.gl/tul0i0
Micro FPV System 3.3 grams https://goo.gl/bbrpjE
5.8 GHz Micro FPV Antenna https://goo.gl/C7lmWb

For Sale at Amazon
Eachine E010 https://goo.gl/xZwKYY
Furibee F36 https://goo.gl/oMFGZd
Multiprotocol TX Module https://goo.gl/aaw8wy
Micro FPV System 3.3 grams https://goo.gl/eZkpgJ
5.8 GHz Micro FPV Antenna https://goo.gl/3FxSxc
Eachine ProDVR https://goo.gl/dxtWjk

The Build Mod really easy you change out the E010 flight controller and place that in the F36 frame and motors

Simple tip make a picture before unsoldering the wires so you know the color schematic just to make it easy on yourself

Ater the soldering we did a Thrust Test and we got 40 grams of thrust without the ESC overheating and creating magic smoke

The ESC can handle the extra Amp from the Powerfull F36 motors and carry the extra weight from a Micro FPV Camera with no problem at all

With the outdoor test flight, we used the multiprotocol TX Module in the Turnigy 9XR Pro
the get the maximum out of this Cheap Micro Drone breaking the speed and manual flip record and crashed hard from just a simple crash to crashing in a quarter flips and still not destroying the micro drone it’s the best on a budget nothing can beat the price of this durable good flying micro drone
Just a joy the fly and ready for the FPV Mod coming up next week

This is happy flyer wishing you happy flying
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