JJRC H36 vs Furibee F36 Quadcopter Thrust Test for FPV03:31

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Furibee F36 vs JJRC H36 Quadcopter Thrust Test for FPV
brought by How to DIY Rc Hosted by Happy Flyer

In This Review, you find out what the best Micro Drone on a budget is you must buy in the remote control Hobby

For Flying FPV Just like the more expensive tiny whoop, whooping its ass

The price difference between the JJRC H36 vs F36 is next to nothing

Buy at Banggood
Even better than F36 motors https://goo.gl/1UCPVa
Better frame than F36 https://goo.gl/s1JU7M
45c 1s Lipo Battery https://goo.gl/eyJTJp
Eachine E010 Flight Controller https://goo.gl/QKoxgm
Multiprotocol TX Module https://goo.gl/03S8Hh
Eachine E010 https://goo.gl/tul0i0
Micro FPV System 3.3 grams https://goo.gl/bbrpjE
5.8 GHz Micro FPV Antenna https://goo.gl/C7lmWb
Eachine ProDVR https://goo.gl/0rPP5l

For Sale at Amazon
Eachine E010 https://goo.gl/xZwKYY
Furibee F36 https://goo.gl/oMFGZd
Multiprotocol TX Module https://goo.gl/aaw8wy
Micro FPV System 3.3 grams https://goo.gl/eZkpgJ
5.8 GHz Micro FPV Antenna https://goo.gl/3FxSxc
Eachine ProDVR https://goo.gl/dxtWjk

The H36 frame and circuit board are completely re-design to create the F36 build with better components

making it the best micro drone on a budget a lot better than the stock E010 & H36 since the FPV Mod from last week… Failed

the new mini Quadcopter frame is built with less tolerance the safeguards are almost hugging the prop optimizing the lift of the propeller blades giving those more thrust and by changing the angle of the safeguards standoffs creating a better air flow exhaust

by less drag you optimize the thrust it´s not that you create more thrust you just lose less thrust giving you a better power to weight ratio

by just changing out the frame from your E010 or H36 can make a big difference and cost only 1 buck

Next week we are doing a test flight outside and FPV Mod

This is happy flyer wishing you happy flying
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