Just flying – loop’n around on 7 inch FPV quad03:52


Not very smooth, I agree. I should have replaced beaten propellers before recording in HD. The used set had too many crashes and not a single blade one was actually straight. If you want to have smooth HD footage, you just have to use fresh props every time. It’s not racing where you straighten bent blade and keep flying…

Motors BH Avenger V2 2507 1750KV http://bit.ly/2XduDUS
Frame Alfa Monster 7 inch http://bit.ly/2Tjd182
Props DAL Cyclone T7056C http://bit.ly/2UL5iAi
ESC Holybro Tekko32 http://bit.ly/2TL7x5C
FC Matek F722-SE http://bit.ly/2r5OAPo
Running INAV 2.2 development version

That was a very nice flying session during lunch break! Sun, light breeze, warm. Too bad I used old props for filming… Oh well…

But, on a more optimistic note, I think I love my new motors for 7-inch freestyle quad. Brotherhobby Avenger V2 2507 1750KV just rip ass! Tons and tons of torque!

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Music by Tobu

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