Life in Another Dimension Tattu R-Line 5s 1300mah Drone Freestyle02:59

Got some quality flying time in with Charity, a local 3D pilot and motorcycle rider. She’s been rocking the 2010 motors on her Speed Addict and was able to get a little bit of it on film! Hope you enjoy the flying!

If you wanna fly like I do- you need the parts the parts I fly with 😀
Xcalibur Frame from Bullit Drones // Now available in the US from
KISS Flight Controller & 24 amp ESC’s //
“Zoe” 2010-2400kv Motors from BeeRotor //
Zero G propellers from GemFan
Video Aerial Systems/Team Black Sheep Antenna & TBS Unify Pro //
RunCam Swift with 2.1mm Lens //
Tattu 1300 5S R-Line //

Big thanks to AirVuz for their continued support- With them by my side I’ve been able to do some incredible things!

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