Mini Talon Crash :-(00:28

So I’m still finding the right CG for my talon.

In Rcgroups, everyone flies with 55m from LE.

On previous session, I find 55m way too nose heavy and ended up best at 76mm, best it exhibit very pitch sensitive characteristic and whenever i pitch it up to gain altitude, it will become standstill almost the next second. Never fell out of the sky yet.

So i tried 55mm CG again today, max out my up trim, had to pull the elevator all the time, to fly. It keeps swinging to the left and right like a baby just started to learn walking. Ahhh…

This crash video is the 3rd flight today, with CG at 76mm, same symptom. Has vertical drop as well. Wth…

Another cause of the flying characteristic could be due to the speed, it’s on 4S 800kv 10×6 prop, probably not enough of prop speed. Waiting my Sunnysky 2216 1250kv to arrive. As link below

Sunnysky 2216 1250kv (recommended by rcgroups members)

X-UAV Mini Talon Kit

Mini Talon PNP

Minim OSD

Flysky TH9X

Frsky DJT + D8 receiver with telemetry

7inch FPV Monitor with DVR

FC damping bed by markiqtv
4x HBK F30A ESC Simonk flashed

EMAX ES08MA II Metal Servo

Lipo Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm

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