Miniquad speed record. 194 kmh (part10, V3 maiden)

My domHD2 DVR apparently doesn’t record OSD readings:( It flicked for second with interference and still nothing. It doesn’t show either on computer, or through DVR playback on the goggles. That’s why I had to record max speed reached directly from the goggles’ optics.
Video is rather long as I had to leave important part uncut and unedited as a proof, and then I was caught up in a chat with bystander:) Regardless of what I’m doing with my aircraft, I don’t miss a chance to have a chat with bystanders. I believe it’s my duty as a hobbyist to educate the public for it to understand that FPV hobby is not an “evil spying drones”:)
My other attempts are on my channel, V3 build starts here-
Happy flying!

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