MJX BUGS 3 LARGE Cheap Brushless Camera Drone14:34

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ill start my review by saying …wow!!
ive owned quite a few drones now but the bug 3 is the best by far
for its amazing range and speed which can reach up to speeds of 20mph
with between a 300-500 distance range which for a quadcopter of this
price range in my opinion is just fantastic.its really easy and straight
forward to put together,with a quick and easy removeable top casing which
is great depending what camera you want to use on the quadcopter,this requires
no expertise at all to fit, as a camera is not supplied im using an action cam
that connects to the bottom of the drone,as this is a little heavier it does
tend to restrict the battery life which is designed to give you up to 18 minutes
but when doing a full test it gave me 12 minutes,when testing without the camera
i did get the full 18 minutes,its exciting and great fun to fly,it is more advanced
than my previous with 2 speed modes,if your a newbie to drones i would recommend
mastering the lower speed first

so overall,its well designed,it feels and looks like you get your moneys worth,
it comes complete with a spare set of propellors aswell as the tools needed to put it
together and i just cant fault it in any way
i hope this review has helped,thanks

flys just like a bug

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