New TX Juice Ai Quadcopter Drone Review

Become an expert pilot in no time with the TX Juice Ai Quadcopter Drone. In an industry first, simply press the Juice Button to activate the patented Auto Take Off, Auto Hover and Auto Land systems. Ai Drone will then move into Auto Hover mode, allowing you to take directional control using just your thumb! Advanced pilots can take off manually, or, for spectacular performances, Ai Drone can be ‘Thrown & Flown’; throw the quadcopter into the air and quickly take control with the remote control handset. The easy-to-use drone performs flips and other cool tricks when you press the Auto Stunt Button or use the manual right or left flip buttons located next to the joysticks. Built-in Gyro 2.0 stabilizers, artificial intelligence and sensors help ensure the quadcopter speeds around smoothly and safely. A built-in proximity sensor informs the anti-crash landing system when solid surfaces are beneath it to minimize accidents and keep the drone running longer. 2.4 GHz hobby-grade chip is suitable for indoor and outdoor flights; race against multiple drones at distances up to 300 feet.

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