Now with taranis New spot :-)04:05


Hey dromies!! New spot! LIKE! Took time to get everything collected for my taranis Q x7- But have not been able to fly for a long time! I’m struggling to get out! But would like to change! But here’s a bit of last flight on new spot! Still missing some small adjustments on taranis! Have missed you DROMIES !! Hope 2 join you more again!!!!!! 🙂 Music By Cyrus
Flying with Frsky Tarinis Q X7
Frame – Realacc DC220 220mm
Motor: 2205/2206-S – Racerstar
Prop: GEPRC-5040- V2/DalpropT5046c
FC: Omnibus – F4
ESC: Littllebee BLheli´S- 30A – Dshot600
Cam: Run cam shift – 600
HD Cam: RNC3

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