Parrot Bebop Flightplan battery test 1,200mAH08:53

Before using, I thought I would test the capabilities of my Bebop 1.

I made a flightplan keeping the drone within range just in case. A series of square waypoints, 50m high at 5m/s to see what distance and time i could get out of this [will repeat when I have larger capacity battery to compare].

Not the most thrilling of videos, but worth fast forwarding through or repeating yourself…I found:

18% of battery to hit 50m [2nd waypoint at 60m]

total flight time of 8.50 minutes including altitude gain, and decent

7.34 minutes of flight once altitude reach to get me to 9% battery, a good time to land

Over 2km of range

Will repeat more tests before I let the Bebop fly away out of sight, but am confident now on the times and range of future flightplans.

Let me know your thoughts or if you’ve done something similar with a 1 or 2

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