QAV180 VS 40 Mph wind07:54


I always Wondered at what wind speed a quad would become unflyable. I have seen a video from steele flying his 5″ in strong wind but never seen a 4″ Quad, i have just finished my Qav 180 so i decided to test this setup and see if it was flyable in strong wind reaching 40 Mph at its peak, on my first test i flew without gopro and i could definitely feel the wind bouncing my quad around, it also made it difficult to orientate myself as i couldn’t hear where exactly my quad was due to wind changing directions, landings were also a bit hard so i decided to put the gopro on to add more weight and it felt a lot better. the setup used was still on stock kiss PIDS so quad felt a bit sluggish on the sticks.

My conclusion so far is that a good 4″ quad with some beefy motors can definitely fly at 40Mph wind and if tuned good you would not even notice the wind.

I will continue this test but summer is on the way so i doubt we will have stronger wind but will definitely try in winter

Kiss Fc ( Stock PIDS )
Littlebees 30a blheli
Emax RS2306 2750kv
DAL 4040 Props
Matek v8.3 PDB
TBS Unify Pro HV VTX
TBS Triumph
Runcam Swift 2
Frsky X4R-SB
Tattu 1300mah 4s 45c
Gopro Session

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