Quadcopter Breaking 100 MPH Barrier01:04

First time trying out HQ 5045 bullnose props. Did 2 crosswind speed runs in calm winds (5 mph). First run hit 161 kmh (100.0 mph) and second hit 163 (101.3 mph). Didn’t expect to hit these speeds since previously I have only been able to hit 150 kmh (93.2 mph) with a 15 mph tailwind – but that was using gemfan 5030 props. I haven’t hooked up my HMDVR to the EV800 yet, so this video was recorded on a separate Flysight Black Pear monitor while I wore the EV800l. I’ve been very lazy when it comes to calibrating my battery monitor – it shows approximately .3 to .4 volts too high.

Modified Diatone Blade 250
Tarot tl300l OSD
Runcam PZ0420M fpv cam
TS5828 Video Tx
Littlebee 20a
SP Racing F3
Emax RS2205 2300kv
Nano Tech 1800mah 4s
HQ 5045 Bullnose
Eachine EV800

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