Quadcopter throttle power issue00:43

Having an odd problem of limited throttle power. Quadcopter also yaws to the right when throttling up. This video was posted as an addition to my post on the IntoFPV forum (http://intofpv.com/t-quad-not-delivering-power-worrying-disarmed-behavior).

What you’re seeing here is me hovering and then punching the throttle. I’ll go from about 25% throttle to somewhere between 75% and 100% throttle. The quad yaws to the right during this and although it does climb, I know that things are not as they should be. On 4S lipos with this setup (Racerstar BR2204-2300KV are quite powerful!) the quad should punch a hole in the damn sky on full throttle. So yeah.. I have no idea what’s going on.

Build parts:
fc – SP Racing F3 Evo (Betaflight 2.9.1)
esc – LittleBee 30A, BlHeli 14.6
pdb – Matek
lipo – Turnigy Graphene 4S 1000mAh
tx – Flysky FS-i6 (10ch mod)
rx – FlySky FS-IA6b

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