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This barely edged out the DRL Racer X by 0.50 mph using only half the power of the DRL build. I would like to claim the world’s fastest drone / world’s fastest quadcopter (speed was calculated in the same was as Guinness), but I opted not to bring Guinness out yet due to continuing development.

Data analysis: https://downanddirtydrones.com/gps-data-analysis/

***NOTE: From 0:39 to 1:51 I had GPS lock up/loss. I loitered around a bit, gave up and was about to land when I noticed the GPS came back.***

Verification (by former employee of Boeing R&D) can be found here in the comments: https://downanddirtydrones.com/portfolio/vxr-190/

Frames leading up to the VXR-190:

Average speed was taken as an average over a 100 meter distance in opposite directions (runs shown in the video). This is the same method used by Guinness. The nice thing is that it doesn’t need a nuclear reactor to hit 160+ mph and no worries about anything burning up. The only issue I ever experienced was pilot error (ran the lipo waayyyy below safe voltage).

Blackbox Log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw5AmHq7h72Na3BGeXRKWlNYTlU/view?usp=sharing

Decoded GPS log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw5AmHq7h72NV0hrZElUZTYzS0k/view?usp=sharing

172.18 mph run was done here: https://youtu.be/P07qq7JwqU8

Frame is custom (much like the original VX1) with lots of attention to physics. Naked frame weight is 48g (which can withstand me standing on it at 165 lbs) and an AUW of 498g. Other equipment:
190mm custom frame
Cobra 2207 2450kv motors
Modified APC 5260 props
30A Spedix ES 30 HV ESCs
Tattu 1300 5s 75C Lipo
1 plastic Easter egg
Betaflight F3 flight controller
Crazepony 700TVL Wide Angle FPV Camera (lens is from an old, broken SJCam)
AKK X1 Vtx
Lemon rx DSMX
Ublox M8N GPS
Eachine EV800D
Spektrum DX6e

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