The YMFC-3D V2 – Arduino quadcopter made easy – with free source code

You think that building a DIY Arduino based quadcopter is difficult? Think again.

I made the YMFC-3D V2 flight controller software so everybody can build their own Arduino quadcopter and having a great learning experience. School project, just for fun or something to build with you kids?

No fancy or difficult software. Easy build, easy setup and fun to fly.

For questions visit the YMFC-3D V2 website:

In the videos the following hardware is used:
– DJI Flamewheel frame
– Hacker Top Fuel 3800mAh/3S/20C lipo
– Unbranded 30A esc’s
– Unbranded 1000kV / 10A motors
– 8×4.5 inch props
– Genuin Arduino Uno
– L3G4200D / L3GD20H / MPU-6050 gyro
– Futaba T14SG transmitter
– Futaba R617FS receiver

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