Upgraded Eachine QX90C Pro High Speed Micro FPV Racer Drone Flight Test Review15:48

Oh man, this QX90C Pro rocket FPV racer drone really screams! This upgrade to the QX90C adds high speed black edition motors, OSD, beeper, and a protective canopy for the FPV camera. This is a QC101 keeper. Find it here https://goo.gl/56is1q

– Very fast little micro with tons of thrust. It was so fast that I couldn’t include close flyby video cuts from my wife’s hat camera. They just showed as a blue blur (seriously :-). At the end of a flight, you’re going to want to go up again! again! But remember to let the motors cool first.
– Omnibus F3 flight control board loaded with Omnibus 3.2.1
– 8520 high-speed black edition motors https://goo.gl/Kd4AAj. These provide tons of lift by turning at very high speeds with low pitch angle (low torque) propellers. Don’t install larger or higher lift propellers as increased torque may overheat/damage the motors.
– 600 TVL NTSC camera with 25mW 48 channel transmitter. Camera now has a protective canopy, and a more flexible crash resistant antenna vice the vulnerable exposed camera and cloverleaf antenna of the original QX90C.
– On screen display (OSD) of flight parameters. Also includes configuration menu for adjusting PIDs and other parameters in the field. To access configuration menu place throttle mid, yaw left, and pitch up.
– Beeper for LVC and lost drone finding.
– Uses 3.7V 600mah size 802540 Lipo (no voltage protection)
– Available BNF for Flysky 2A, DSM2/DSMX, and integrated Frsky (D8) with bind button (no more shorting bind pins)
– Integrated transmitter and telemetry (Frsky version only). Although telemetry is not really important due to the OSD.
– Weighs 51 grams with battery. Does not require FAA registration

Other Thoughts and Cons
– It’s a brushed motor drone. Motors will eventually need to be replaced. But that also keeps it cheap. And spare motors are available and relatively inexpensive.
– Props are very visible in view of the camera. But this is true for most micro racers.
– Props as installed out of the box were very loose, just barely pushed onto their shafts. One popped off immediately at takeoff when I was testing it at home. Makes sure to push all the props down to seat them properly on their shafts before your first flight.
– This is an outdoor flier, best flown in an open grassy field so that you can really open it up. Flying this rocket indoors will likely result in lots of crashes and broken props and frames.
– It’s frame is plastic. It’s probably going to crack with hard smacks into walls or concrete/asphalt. But cheap replacement frames are available. It seems to be the original QX90C frame but in a different blue color (original yellow frame can be used https://goo.gl/N5U7WH ) This drone is going to be popular, so expect replacement blue frames and canopies to soon be available.
– Provided Ladybird 55mm props bend easily in a crash. You’re going to want to stock up on spares https://goo.gl/oRNXSF .
– For my T8SG transmitter in Frsky mode, I needed to switch channel mapping in Betaflight from TAER to AETR to get proper stick response.

Available in three versions

QX90C Pro, One battery, One battery charger, One spare prop set, One prop puller tool

Standard (as demonstrated in video)
QX90C Pro, Three batteries, One battery charger, One spare prop set, One prop puller tool

Fly more combo
QX90C Pro, Five batteries, Charsoon BS-1S05 five port multi charger https://goo.gl/VGT6JM , Five spare prop sets, One prop puller tool, One spare frame, One spare canopy

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