Vodafone XBlades Wingcopter Drone Speed World Record02:32


The Vodafone XBlades Wingcopter XBR has set a new drone speed Guinness World Record at the Goodwood race track! NEXXBlades pilot Luke Bannister (BanniUK) managed to push the Red VTOL Wing to an astonishing top speed average of 240.6km/h on the Goodwood race track! The team hit 270kmh in practice and 300kmh was the target so will be back soon for another run! Congratulations Vodafone, XBlades, Wingcopter and BanniUK for this remarkable achievement and big thanks to Goodwood for hosting this challenge at your iconic Festival Of Speed. Big thanks to Glenn Pollard from GWR and Martin Toovey, the independent judge for verifying the result.

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