What is so great about the Speed Addict FPV Racing frame?

This video gives a detailed description and explanation of why the Fearless Edition of FPV racing frames is so darn cool! If you have been considering our frame or seeing it for the first time you NEED to watch this video.

0:00 = Gopro and Mobius Cage (Effective GoPro Protection)
4:25 = FPV Board Camera Cage
5:51 = Crash Toughness
8:18 = Convert to a hex or quad
10:51 = Weight
14:23 = 6s Compatibility and 6s electronics discussion
18:23 = Lipo Mount Extension
19:50 = How to get 31 degree camera tilt angle

EDIT (10-6-15) – We have a NEW and IMPROVED version shipping now. See this video for details.



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