What makes a great drone racer? (Speed Addict 210-R Episode 2)

This is the second episode in our two part series. This video is an in depth discussion of what attributes make for a great drone racer. In this industry manufacturers use various terms for marketing such as “power to weight”, “ideal center of gravity”, “agility”, “durability”, etc. But, what do these actually mean in terms of the design and function of a drone race craft? We answer these questions with regard to drone racers in general, and then explain why our new Speed Addict 210-R and upcoming 180-R are so freaking awesome. This is a two episode series.

(0:00 – 2:23) – Overview of Features and Pricing
(2:24 – 4:23) – Power Distribution Board
(4:24 – 7:36) – Optional HD Camera Mount
(7:37 – 8:52) – XT60 Passthrough
(8:53 – 10:38) – FPV Camera Mount
(10:39 – 11:44) – What electronics fit?
(11:45 – 13:16) – Antenna Mount
(13:17 – 15:14) – Speed Addict 180-R

Make sure to watch our first episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAu0rPlMwvg

The new Speed Addict 210-R and 180-R are available here: http://www.catalystmachineworks.com/collections/fpv-racing-frames

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