WORLDS FASTEST QUADCOPTER | Drone Race League Racer X Gunness World Record Flight | Fastest Drone01:29

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WORLDS FASTEST QUADCOPTER | Drone Race League Racer X Guinness World Record Flight | Fastest Drone
On Friday the pilots over at the drone racing league or DRL set a new Guinness world record with the fastest Quad copter flight of 163.3 mph. It hit a top speed of 179.3. the drone footage is pretty cool. The fastest quadcopter drone is the fastest quadcopter of 2017 the fastest quadcopter ever.
They made the flight in New York with an official from Guinness standing by. The world fastest drone is a record that will be hard to beat. This is the world fastest racing drone. THE WORLDS FASTEST FPV drone.But you cant buy the worlds fastest rc drone any time soon. It is coo that this is the fastest drone ever. It has the fastest drone takeoff. But being the fastest drone of 2017 is a title that probably wont be held for long. The guy piloting it would be considered the fastest drone pilot. and since this is a race drone it would be the worlds fastest drone racer.
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