ZMR-250 MiniQuad ESC Motor Testing + Tips Tricks

Setting up the proper motor rotation for the QUAV250 quadcopter
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Quick overview of how I assembled and tested the motors on the Chinese ZMR 250 clone kit I showed in a previous video. You can see the kit video here:

I have since assembled and flown this quad with great results. I’ll post the updated footage soon but overall I think this is a great little kit for anyone to get started in quadcopters/drones and drone racing.

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9 Responses

  1. Tim Voit says:


  2. Tobermory Cat says:

    Good move getting motors with locking prop nuts. Its a total pain throwing
    prop nuts every time you clip a bush.

  3. André Rousseau says:

    So many wires. Snip snip snip.

  4. Max Mustermann says:

    nice vid Eric. Cant wait to see the finished project :)

  5. Dommel says:

    sub! 🙂

  6. John Klopp (Florida Outdoors) says:

    Hey Eric. Looks like you’re having fun. You may have mentioned this before,
    but what would the range be for a drone like this? How far and how long
    could you fly this and get it safely back using the fpv? Thanks!

  7. ZakkBlog says:

    looks like a wicked little quad, man! Thumbs up as always!

  8. T-Bone FPV says:

    Looking good man. Get that thing flying

  9. protocol says:

    looking good, keep going! fyi, most people with that type of pdb stack it
    underneath the FC in the center, with small standoffs between them. I went
    with direct wiring, and built a wiring harness in between the lower plates.

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