2019 Crazy Bando Compilation – FPV FREESTYLE00:00

If you guys follow me for some time it’s no secret by now that I hunt down bandos cause I really like flying in abandoned place… so many thrills in discovering new crazy stuff to fly.
This is a small sum up from 2019 of all the crazy bando adventures I had.

Gear Used

ImpulseRC APEX 5″
ImpulseRC Wolf PDB V3 (graphical OSD)
KissFC V2
TBS/Ethix Stout V3 1750Kv
Unify Pro (@800mw)
Crossfire Nano RX
Foxeer Predator Mini
Lolipop UFL
T-motor 5147

ImpulseRC Reverb 5″
ImpulseRC Wolf PDB
KissFC V2
T-motor F40PRO II 2400 KV
Unify Pro (@800mw)
Crossfire Micro RX
Foxeer Predator Mini
Lolipop UFL
T-motor 5147

Fatshark HDO2
TBS Fusion Module

Jumper T16
Crossfire [email protected]
TBS Diamond

Infinity v3 1300 6s
Infinity v3 1550 4s
Infinity v3 1800 4s

HD Camera:
GoPro Hero7 Black
GoPro Hero6 Black
GoPro Hero5 Session

#FPV #Drone #Bando

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