5 TIPS to PROGRESS Faster at FPV

I’ve been wanting make something that actually has some substance and could help some people. Hopefully there in something in here that you can take away and help you progress faster in FPV or any other skilled hobby.

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18 Responses

  1. MPQuads says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  2. Chance Wilson says:

    Jeff, love the information and great flying. Hope you don’t mind a little advice. Relax when making the videos, let it flow. Don’t try to force it. If you mess up while talking, fix it in editing (or do more takes). The last few of your vloogs you seem uncomfortable.

  3. JaM FPV says:

    Very helpfull Tipps! Thanks for that.

  4. ElMattbo FPV says:

    Really good advice! The only other thing I would add is to be consistent and avoid changing things unnecessarily. If you always have a new camera angle/rates/expo/tune/props/motors you’re going to struggle to get really comfortable with any set up. So if you have something that works, stick with it.

  5. Neil Spinymonk says:

    Just subscribed, nice video, I watch all Drew’s content , keep it up man ,great flyin , I have no friends 😩 (that fly ,lol)

  6. Steve Z says:

    Here’s something I’m particularly interested in: How do you find/choose music for your videos, and how to you obtain permission to use it? Is there some repository of awesome, free-to-use music? Or does it just depend on what you want to use?

  7. Asik Drone says:

    Can you please post some DVR footy at these bandos to see what your Video Reception is like…Thanks Champ! Killer edit and flying!

  8. 1Ugly Pilot FPV says:

    Those 5 hit the spot. I imagine u using 5.8 vtx I fly solo most time on 600mw. 5.8 is more of line of sight for good picture
    Question is how do u guys go thru buildings with out losing video n hitting a wall

  9. xFPV says:

    vape nation yall

  10. 0 To 400 Feet says:

    #WatchAllTheStuff <--- on point!

  11. Prop Bender says:

    You got a sub. Kept missing you at the IO. Thanks for keeping it real. All good points. Now all I need are some friends…lol.

  12. Chad Baugh says:

    No 3 was the best advice you could have given.

  13. mistercohaagen says:

    The earnest yet sarcastic tone is perfection. Please don’t get all “whats up guys!1” –ew.

  14. Joe Wakeman says:

    Watch ALL the things

  15. AmazeFPV says:

    Thanks mate im like 3 months into this hobby and am always stressing to try harder things then what im able to do and end up wrecking kwads hehe and that never feels good.
    Now ive taken a step back and just taking my time even if i need to practice 1 thing for 30 packs its worth it thanks buddy

  16. Steady says:

    Great advice. Bando King rules!!!!!

  17. Brant Purvis says:

    Dose any one know were to get used speed controls. I need For my displys for coustum agricultural. Fpv drones. Im trying to start a custom. Rc shop thanks in advance

  18. Jason Gayler says:

    love these derelict/ abandoned spots… i just picture somebody with a needle in their arm, shooting up in one of those rooms, and having a quad fly by them at 60mph…

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