A year ago today I maiden my first mini quad, and boy was it life changing. Very excited for all the FPV adventures in the new year.

Learning Pirouette Proxy Flips (6:18 mark) has opened another whole new dynamic to my flying. Knowing how the quad will react in any orientation has helped tie in other tricks like the Inverted Alley Op things I’ve been doing (2:04 mark). Also loving these Knife Edge Turns (2:47 mark) There is also a lot of stuff in this edit I don’t even know what to call:s Sorry for the lengthy edit, I had so much footy from yesterdays flights I had to leave a lot out. Should see a B sides edit shortly

Im running the Rotorgeek 2205 2700kv motors with a DAL bullnose V2 Triblade and Rebel batteries. The speed of this new setup is so crazy, it sounds insane to:)

Tune is PID1 running Betaflight 2.3.5. no airmode but I have a basic throttle curve on my radio. 60degree FPV camera and I cant stress this enough, Im not running a 3D setup.

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No battery or Gopro, frame only AUW 243g (prototype production maybe 10ish grams lighter)

186 LRC X frame -hhttps://www.liftrc.com/lrc-racex

motors- rotorgeek 2205 2700kv

esc- rotorgeek RG 20a

fc-spracing f3 -liftrc.com

props- 5×4.5 Dal Bullnose V2 triblades – www.dalprops.com

controller-taranis- liftrc.com

Frisky SBUS- liftrc.com

video tx and rx- hawkeye 200 /fatshark raceband 5.8
with fan adaptor -liftrc.com

fpv camera- foxeer 100 degree cam-liftrc.com

goggles fat shark goggles DOM V2-liftrc.com

batteries- Rebel 4s 1300 – http://rebelminiquads.com/batteries/

Gopro Hero 4 black edition – Superview 60 fps

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18 Responses

  1. deeph46 says:

    Awesome flight…

  2. Maxzor azon says:

    Your skill is amazing, cheers

  3. Some Dude says:

    Had to watch it a second time because I didn’t believe my eyes the fist
    time, then I put on my headphones – the music; along with THE BADDEST AZZ
    MULTIROTOR VIDEO EVER gave me goosebumps.

  4. Mohamad Ezwan Jais Jais says:

    my jaw stay open for 7:30sec even my thumb is shaking saw the way u flew
    man.. i want ur expo,rc rate,setting , everything ? the way u reverse n
    turn at the same time as if u have a fpv cam on the back of ur quat bro..?

  5. Epic-Elite Dynamics says:

    Imagine if you had reversible esc’s. You already used to the orientations.
    I’m thinking long and hard on going 3D.. After watching this its only
    become more compelling. I maiden my first last October. Still new and going
    through the paces. I’m slowly realizing what it take to keep a quad in the
    air. It’s not just props.. thank you for sharing.

  6. Nici619 says:

    gravity minimum
    throttle maximum

  7. Ákos Véber says:

    you probably one of the best FPV pilot, Congratulations!! You have your
    really unique style!
    I would love to see these movements from another fix (ground) camera
    perspective as well. Keep going!!!

  8. FPVEE J says:

    Ya killin me Matty! Geez man smh… Great work dude!!! :-)

  9. Nick Challen says:

    WOW…amazing flying! Really enjoyable just to watch the video. Keep em

  10. Iron.A says:

    OMG~!!!! it’s not Drone~!!!!
    Fantastic Flying~!!

  11. Feigenwinter Jannik says:

    Flight you wive kiss esc reversibel 3d ?

  12. 8alakai8 says:

    dam he is de devil man there is no gravity

  13. Gary B says:

    So amazing and a joy to watch. I love how the build up in music matched the
    build up in flying.

  14. NQIS Steve says:

    That was far out man never seen flying like that are you going to Dubai ?

  15. vertigo91na says:

    Amazing video, keep them coming.

  16. Tom Mccallum says:

    Brilliant pilot skills, i was wondering how you managed the inverted hang
    time, then when i could hear the props i realized you use the power to kind
    of throw it then power off, amazing stuff.

  17. wiflyrc says:

    Loved the whole thing but bridge work at the was inspiring. Great work!

  18. Adam Palmer says:

    Mind = Blown

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