Aerial Drone Flight of the Glowing Autumn Forest00:25

I recorded this autumn footage using a Mavic Pro drone over Mosinee Hill in Wausau, WI. So beautiful I had to share and the video can stand on it’s own! A couple of minutes before sunset, the mostly backlit (filming into the sun) conditions caused the leaves to glow as I was filming the light “through” the leaves, rather than it reflecting off the leaves. There were many fast clouds blocking the sun intermittently so this scene was only lit this way for seconds at a time when the clouds were partially blocking the sun (and this is why there are shaded, darker areas moving in and out of the edge of the foliage). I was only planning this flight to be a scouting mission to see where I should set up the next day but decided to capture some footage so I could look at it closer later. Glad I did as this lighting and the weather didn’t appear this way when I tried again, and now a rain has significantly changed landscape for the season. Right place at the right time!

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