Amazing Mini Aerobatics Quadcopter JXD 388 — Toy Review08:47

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Welcome back to AART (Arish and AliShanMao Review Toys). If you are looking for an amazing Stable and super Durable Crash Resistant Mini Quadcopter to learn to fly Multirotors and or just to have fun at home, This JXD 388 Mini Aerocraft is for you. Offering 3 flight modes to suit all the pilots skills level from beginners to intermediate to Expert pilots, not only this quad offers super stable flight and amazing Speeds but also is fully capable of doing breath taking aerobatics. Front flips, back flips, rolls, you name it and it does it with just one click of a button on the radio. It’s amazingly durable that I have had it run into walls, crashed bad during fast flights and it just gets back in the air over and over again. I am simply amazed by its flight performance, the extreme fun level it offers with its aerobatics and flight characteristics and its being super durable crash resistant. This makes it a perfect quad for beginners and of course those expert pilots who love speed and super agility. JXD 388 is simply a great mini quad for indoor flights, out door Pylon racing among friends, indoor dog fights and much more. I believe its totally worth every penny you pay for it.

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