Anakin Skyhero Racing Drone First Flight

Natural Born Racer – Sky-Hero Anakin Naked Frame
Anakin is the youngest ultra fast bad kid of the Sky-Hero family. He has been conceived mainly for fighting in FPV race. Its unique side frame system makes it highly customizable allowing to fine tune your race settings almost to infinity.

Sky-Hero Anakin Features
Support 6” props
Adjustable Arms Positions
Adjustable Motor Angle
Adjustable Camera Angle
Dihedral structure for maximal impact resistance
Low drag, for higher speeds
Electronics fully protected
Upgraded in this version
New sideframes (better weight, drag and friction)
New 100% polycarbonate arm’s end
Improved setup jig (easier assembly)
Aluminum arm’s inserts
Enhanced screw set
50% thicker boom

Specifications :
Model number : SKH00-280
Motor to motor : 280mm
Max motor size : 28mm
Weight : 135g (without battery)
Dimension : 225mm x 250mm x 95mm

PO BOX 5053

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