Battle Robot Vs FPV Racing Drone

Battle Robot, the six legged armored and armed to teeth Robot is back. This time I brought one robot to Skyhub RC field to see if it can walk on sand or not. Well it walked on sand without any issues. Later the robot got into war with FPV Racing Quadcopters. It was fun to see Robot trying to shoot FPV Racing Quads. Next time I should put an FPV On shooting system on this robot and have another battle with FPV Racing Quadcopters. Or just take the robot to the sands and find some snakes to battle with hahahaha LOL.

Enjoy this little fun video.

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    1. Afzal Ahmad
    2. Maria Andrade
    3. ray simmons
    4. Antonio Quirarte Ramos
    5. Daniel Herrera
    6. Ghassan Younis
    7. Salerg
    8. Ariqkamil Nugroho
    10. İlhan Arikan
    11. Dennis Petersen

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