Best Racing Drone so far Under 250g Little Beast V2 160mm 1080p Dshot 1200 32khz Overview 4K

Little Beast V2 could be literally the best racing drone so far because of 5 things: Small size / POWA on 4s / Super tough / Built in 1080p 60fps cam & best possible racing Hardware so far ! , ooo and it looks like 2mln $ or even more 🙂 . But lets go into the details :

Here are used parts:

Frame 160mm:
FC Kakute F4 AIO :
Runcam Split Camera:
Eachine VTX 03:
ESC Racerstar 25A BLheli_32 :
Emax 1306 3300KV Motor:
Kingkong 4045 props:
Kinkong nuts:
BEC Diatone 5V 2A:
FRsky XM+ :
Aluminum Alloy M3 Standoff 35mm :
Alu screws set:

I used little beast V1 to learn to fly ACRO & this contruction survive many really bad crashes , after 2 years if using one box of props been done and nothing ealse. Let say that Little Beast V2 been made as a TRUBUTE for V1, because thanks to it I stick to FPV hobby and gave me some wings 🙂

I raced with some other big drones and in most cases little beast V1 just slowly hover behind them 🙂 .
If you are looking for powerful beast then for sure decrease weight under 160g like I said in video, I will stick to 180g because I like freestyle so with bigger weight Beast is more stable and descend speed is faster.
1407 motors story, many users are saying that I am using shitty 1306 motors, Are they Sure ?! . First of all 1407 is around 15% more powerful but it’s need 20% more power !, so we have to uselipo with minium 850mah capacity otherwise drone can simple brown out ! . So that is why I decide to use 1306 because we can stick to weight under 250g and drone will be still punchy without brown outs.
Battery size matters, 3s should be between 500-1000mah ofcourse with True C rate over 75. 4s can be 500-700mah. Ofcourse smaller battery means more power due to lower end weight of whole drone, so 550mh could be great for racing and 700mah for FUN. Flight time with 4s 850mah on V1 was 2-3min on full throttle and over 12min when I just learn how to fly. So this is greta score isn’t ?

here are users videos who build my drones:
Little beast V1
Micro beast:
My video with V1:
Micro Beast:

In most cases I know what I am saying. So if you would like to build my ideas/drones , U can be sure that every single part been well thinked to fit whole contruction and gets much of it.

Cheers & Stay Awesome FPV Bros !

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