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Enjoy the Night flight of Z2 dual copter Bi Rotor at night. I have installed flashing strobes and flying it with Jumper T18 Radio control.

The Avatar Scorpion Gunship concept, Dual Rotor Dual Copter is back. Z-2 Bi-Copter (Dual Copter) is the new breed of Tilt Rotor Multirotor VTOL Aircraft. Z-2 offers absolutely a beautiful and super stable Flight performance, thank to its newly developed GPS based flight controller. Z-2 Bi-Copter is a 100% beginner friendly Tilt Rotor VTOL Aircraft that any beginner, and even kids can fly it easily due to its reliable GPS Features and Forgiving, stable flight performance.

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Z-2 GPS Dual Copter Features:
1.Newly developed high Response, Pre programmed Tilt Rotor Bi-Rotor Flight Controller with GPS and Barometer. (Makes Z-2 Bi-Rotor a complete beginner friendly Tilt Rotor VTOL aircraft)
2.Auto Take off (One Switch Auto Take off and Hover)
3.Solid GPS Position and Altitude hold even on windy days (Personally Flight Tested)
4.GPS Flight Mode (Super easy to control, fly and even FPV the aircraft for beginners and even kids)
5.On Demand Auto Return to home and land. One flick of switch and Z2 Bi-Rotor will fly back and land at same point where it took off from.
6.Failsafe and out of control range Auto Return to home and land. (If Z-2 goes out of radio control range, it will fly back to home point and land)
7.Manual Flight mode for Intermediate and advance pilots
8.Manual Flight mode with Altitude Hold for beginners to practice intermediate flight skills.
9.Auto land and failsafe land in Manual Flight mode (One Flick of switch and Z2 will land at same point it was flying at – caution, should have good landing spot)
10.Stock Radio offers 1000 meters control range. S-FHSS Protocol can even bind to Futaba T8J, T10J and Jumper T18 Radio controls easily.
11.Folding Design, Guarded Propellers, Safe to Fly Indoors or outdoors. Easy to store and transport.
12.Injection Molded Tough Plastic Fuselage, main rotor arms and propeller guards, not easy to break upon crashing.

Flying Z-2 Bi-Copter Line of Sight is an absolute joy. You can also install Mini Cameras like insta360 One X, Insta360 Go, GoPro, GoPro Session, FireFly Q6, FireFly 8S, or any light weight micro stabilized gimbal camera systems to shoot superb aerial videos. Install FPV System and Enjoy Flying FPV around with Z2 Bi-Copter, race with your friends, tackle Challenge courses. Z-2 Bi-Copter will surly keep you busy flying no matter its LOS or FPV or Challenge course flights.

Right outside the box, adding a fully Charged 4S 1500mAh 100c Race pack battery, Z2 Bi-Copter will provide you a solid 8 minutes of Absolutely joyful Flight Performance. add a 2600mAh battery for a 12 minutes or more flight times. and if you can use 4000mAh Li-Ion 4S (14.8v) packs you can even fly it for over 15 minutes in GPS flight mode.

Z2 Bi-Rotor is going to get you hooked flying LOS or FPV. Nothing beats the joys of flying a Bi-Rotor, and up upon that, A Bi-Rotor with GPS Features and Reliability.

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