Introducing the Cyclone @1:30, 2:56, 4:00 ect and Cyclone Pirouettes @ 3:00 mark. Take the traditional way of turning around an object and do it backwards, that the basics of a Cyclone. Add continuos yaw and you get a Cyclone Pirouette. Flying is becoming very spiritual for me, its pure freedom. Hence the title:)

PS Thank you so much for your support. Your likes, comments and shares are inspiration enough to continue sharing my FPV adventures.

Im running the Rotorgeek 2205 2700kv motors with a DAL bullnose V2 Triblade and Rebel batteries. Its the fastest setup I’ve ever flown. Sounds insane to:)

Tune is PID1 running Betaflight 2.6 no airmode but I have a basic throttle curve on my radio. 60degree FPV camera and I cant stress this enough, Im not running a 3D setup.

Also follow on Facebook and Instagram (I post more practice sessions)

No battery or Gopro, frame only AUW 250g

186 LRC X frame –

motors- rotorgeek 2205 2700kv

esc- rotorgeek RG 20a

fc-spracing f3

props- 5×4.5 Dal Bullnose V2 triblades –


Frisky SBUS-

video tx and rx- hawkeye 200 /fatshark raceband 5.8
with fan adaptor

fpv camera- foxeer 100 degree

goggles fat shark goggles DOM

batteries- Rebel 4s 1300 –

Gopro Hero 4 black edition – Superview 60 fps

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18 Responses

  1. Christian VonHoldt says:

    i swear your defy gravity and physics. I am guessing your not flying a 3d

  2. LEANDRO RC says:

    que control de las rpm…-+… monstruo!

  3. Team Skovhugger (Michael Beck) says:

    Hi im just getting startede with My first quad and then i watch your video
    …. HOW do you do that ? Did you send gravity on a hollyday ? Really Nice
    flying keep going. One question HOW do you get your quad down from these
    trees. ? Have you tried to get your quad stuck in one of the tree tops or ?
    Just a stupied question from i beginner in Denmark , keep flying like you

  4. Even says:

    Amazing, thanks a lot for your talent… and your so inspiratives videos !

  5. Andreas Geisen says:

    unbelievable and awesome ????

  6. Zaniix_FPV says:

    You just broke my brain, amazing in so many ways.

  7. ArmedMonkey says:

    Go ahead and do 90 degrees already. :)

  8. Tvpath says:

    The pilot can think around the corner very well x)

  9. FPVology says:

    ive watched the joshua bardwell vids about how your extreeme camera angle
    can make things look like wizardry… but i still am just so completley
    amazed when I watch your vids man.
    keep it up man!

  10. Stormin Norman says:

    Is that what you get from mounting the GoPro facing backwards ?

  11. velvetelvis43 says:

    You sir, are my hero

  12. samrockseagle says:

    This is not flying. Its madness and I like it.

  13. bo holland says:

    mind bent , love it!

  14. Drone Punk says:

    Show us how you stuff everything into that little frame.

  15. drifty says:

    ??? I don’t understand.

  16. Sparrow FPV says:

    Insane! Pure inspiration

  17. Logan? Mordecai says:

    Hey i was wondering what your preference on motors are because i recently
    blew out the bearings on my emaxx mt2204s so i am currently looking for a
    better quality motor. I have a zmr 250 with 5040 tri blades. Thanks for the
    videos,keep it up

  18. Logan? Mordecai says:

    also i want more speeeeeeeeed i run 3s lipos(60c)

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