Can a Drone trigger a SPEED-TRAP Camera? – KEN HERON07:15

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Ken tries to trigger a Police Speed trap camera with an Inspire 2 drone.

Representative Holt video:
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UPDATE: From NewZona Rides–
I worked for the company in question for 10 years and I am an photo enforcement expert. LOL I just stopped working for ATS/Verra Mobility recently. So here is what I remember off the top of my head about that camera. It does not use ground trigger for sure. It uses radar triggering. The bottom pod is the camera. Center is radar and top is flash. Now if the speed limit is 45mph the trigger would be 56mph. Now that being said the radar beam is very narrow to eliminate cross triggers. It is set at just 4 degrees wide and crosses the road in a specific spot so the speed calculations are more accurate. So in short there is not much chance that a drone could set it off even if it were going fast enough. In order to do it you would need to cross a very narrow spot in the road at a fast enough speed. I would also add that if you can find a camera that enforces a speed lower than 45mph. The trigger is 7mph over. You would have a much better chance.

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