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Hiking and Flying Cinematic FPV Drone Golden Hour edition, this time we hiked up the same Mountain again and this time we got our perfect epic sunset on the mountain. Two FPV drones, two operators, one spectator and perfect timing for the Golden Hour is all it takes to make this epic sunset on the mountain one of my best flying experiences ever.

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Here you find the long version of this video

Flying with my buddy #S3ppoFPV in the last few months is becoming more and more an extraordinary experience and there will be more and more situations that are just amazing. I can’t wait to finish the upcoming long version of this video. and one thing I can promise anyway there are so many more things we want to realize this year.
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Behind the Scene DJI FPV View

Our plan was to hike up the mountain and film the sunset with our Cinematic FPV Drone in 4k and especially use the light of the Golden Hour, and man, it worked out so well this time, we made it up the mountain in time for the Golden Hour, the weather was just epic so we went and flew up the first mountain top and from there we flew to the next higher mountain top and shot this incredible mountain scene in the background. We couldn’t have asked for a more cinematic scene, flying in close formation with our drones and keeping the mountain, the landscape and each other in view requires some concentration but I think we did quite well, next time we’ll be a little closer together in transit between the mountain peaks and it’s perfect.

My buddy Tom from the rescue mission was there too, unfortunately his drone doesn’t work, so he just did the reconnaissance for us.
The situation is easy to describe, EPIC more than this one word is not needed to do some fpv long distance flights, this mountainside is just perfect, there are 3 mountain lakes, a rough landscape, some nice mountain tops and super nice rock formations, nothing left to wish for except good weather.

Long range Paradise hike and fly edition will be soon out no super fancy edit just beautiful mother nature some FPV Drones a lot of Mountain Peak some close Proximity flying and drone chasing.

For sure we will do another hiking tour to these spots.

Fly save and have fun guys!!

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Frame: Reverb –
Flightcontroller: Revolt –
ESC: T-motor 4in1 BLHeli32
Motor: Hobbywing and Johnyfpv –
Probs: Tmotor T-5150 –
Battery: SLS NoC
VideoTR: DJI digital fpv
RC Link: TBS Crossfire Nano with immortal T and TBS Crossfire full –
FPV camera: Runcam Racer 2
FPV-Glasses: Fatshark Transformer HD + Clearview TBS –
HD Camera: GoPro Hero 8 Black –
Remote Control: Taranis XD9-Plus –

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