Crash Chase Eastside FPV Drone Racing Finals Round 2 Division A

The second last final where Thomas crashes and has to chase!

I was going to do a vlog for this one but unfortunately with me racing I never got the footage I wanted, however unlike most of the racing, in the second last final Thomas made a mistake hitting one of the flags in the first lap and was pushed down to 5th place. It’s a good one because you see him have to get his nerves under control again and give chase! I was in this race so I had no idea what was actually going on. Apparently Thomas was shaking and almost falling over while chasing and at the end the shaking you see is his inputs! Even the landing took longer than usual.

Anyway I thought it would be cool to share a not so smooth race.

His spotter for this race was Bizz FPV

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ImpulseRC Helix ZX5
Helix FPV Frame
ImpulseRC FC
T-Motor F-40 II 2400kv Silver
HQ 5×4.5×3 V3
VTx ImpulseRC
Aikon 30amp ESCs (BLHeli_S)
Turnigy Graphene 4S Packs
HS1177 Camera – 2.1mm Lens
45 Degree Camera Tilt
BetaFligt 3.0
Taranis with Hall Sensor Gimbals

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