Dream With Me – Shendrone Squirt V2 6S HD – Cinematic Freestyle00:00


Should be seeing more of these as I’m finding more time to fly. Hope the die hard fans that like that Mattystuntz 60degree style can appreciate the flying I’m into right now. Love you all and thank you for the support.

Watch in 1440p for the best viewing pleasure.

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    1. JChris FPV
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    3. James Rostie
    4. Jack Truong
    5. Emil Wilkens
    6. BWFPV
    7. Wolfgang Lienbacher
    8. Ramsi FPV
    9. Asik Drone
    10. Jake Chadwick
    11. Serge Cervak
    12. djdubz [dbzfpv]
    13. OnePackJack FPV
    15. LEE FPV
    16. Ray
    17. Aces Full FPV
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