Drones are Doomed? New Regulations on the Way – Prop Noise 7101835:10


The sky is falling for sure this time, I swear 🙂 Hear about new drone regulations potentially incoming, and find out about the latest in technology coming out across the drone market.

Mystic Drone Takes on DJI with One Big Feature while lacking many standard ones: https://www.cnet.com/news/mystic-drone-takes-on-dji-with-one-big-feature/

Russian Combat Drone the “Hunter” almost ready to take flight

Build your own reaper drone, data and information on the reaper drone leaked to the dark web

The FPV drone designed to rescue people:

Journalist reprimanded for flying a drone over the Thai Cave Rescue causing interference

South Korean Telecom launches Airship drone system:

South Korean Telecom Launches Airship Drone Platform

TOO THE MOON! I mean MARS! Drones take over another world in 2020: https://dronedj.com/2018/07/09/helicopter-drone-mars-rover/

Anti Drone Swarm System capable of taking out targets for as low as $1 a shot:

Drone Park: Dedicated park for drone flyers becoming a thing

Naperville dedicates a park for new drone flyers to practice their skills

House subcommittee to discuss counter drone technology – same coalition trying to regulate hobbyists for commercial interest. https://unmanned-aerial.com/house-subcommittee-uas-stakeholders-to-discuss-counter-drone-issues

Watch the Subcomittee discuss the isues live tomorrow @ https://transportation.house.gov/calendar/eventsingle.aspx?EventID=402650

FAA On Course to restrict hobbyist drones:

Maynard Hill, who has died aged 85, made his mark on aviation history in 2003 when one of his remote-controlled model aircraft became the first to fly a record-breaking 1,882 miles across the Atlantic on less than a gallon of fuel.

Personal News

My health has been, less than great. I’ve been to the ER 4 times in a week, so the lack of content has been partly due to that. Though I haven’t sit still!

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I took 2nd place at X Class Race 3, bringing me into the top 3 for the season. Leading qualifying and Mains with the fastest lap, and still holding the record for fastest lap at the Antioch track of any machine car or drone. https://XClass.Racing

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