Eachine EC250 FPV Racing Quadcopter Outdoor Flight Testing

Eachine EC250 FPV Racing Quadcopter comes ready to fly right outside the box. It comes in a very nice zipper carrying case for easy storage and transportation. Pre-configured and Equipped with a CC3D Flight controller, EMax 2300kv Motors spinning 5 inch plastic propellers, 12A ESCs, and a Radio Link AT9 (9 Channel) Radio system, this Quadcopter offers superb and stable flight performance for your proximity FPV Freestyle flights or FPV Racing.

If you are a total beginners and do not know how to build a FPV Racing Quadcopter, Eachine EC250 quadcopter is a good choice to start with. Just add your FPV System and you will be flying FPV Proximity in no time at all.

Though it flies right outside the box but to get the best performance out of this Quadcopter, its best to use good quality propellers and reconfigure your CC3D Flight controller with some trusted and well tested PID settings. Stock Propellers are nothing but rubbish quality. But rest of the items are worth spending your pennies at. Frame is a very tough rigid frame that will take some serious crashing with a smile.

PIDs are here

ATT mode response R75 P75 Y180
Rate mode response R400 P400 Y300
Max Rate att R360 P360 Y300

Rate stabilization
Roll P0.0025 PItch P0.00265 Yaw P0.00600
Roll I0.00400 Pitch I0.00550 Yaw I0.00520
Roll D0.000040 Pitch D0.000045 Yaw D0.000020

Attitude Stabilization
Roll P1.85 Pitch P2.00 Yaw P2.00

This is indoor outdoor Flight testing video, you can watch indoor unboxing video and a talk about the Eachine EC250 Racer Quadcopter here
You can buy this Quadcopter using this link.

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