Eachine RatingKing RC 4WD FPV Buggy Desert Drive

Eachine RatinKing F14 Electric RC 4WD off road buggy comes equipped with a neat FPV system that will put you into the driving seat of your little Off Road buggy and you can enjoy RC bashing from a whole new perspective. Eachine RatingKing F14 offers some good features and a neat idea which is not new but first time probably to see someone actually producing the idea of FPV Driving in a Ready to Run Retailing RC buggy. Not only that, Eachine also offers a 720P HD Action Sports Slim camera that you can stick to your buggy and record your Off Road RC FPV Driving videos to share with family and friends or on social media.

This is the outdoor RC off road FPV Driving with Eachine RatingKing. I am disappointed that just after a minute or two of drive, the buggy had strange sounds and 4WD system shows issues. Possibly the rear differential gears were ripped or something else went wrong. This shows a very poor quality control or poor quality material usage. Anyway, hope eachine is watching and they can improve the quality of gears and product in next production stages. This is a great concept and it can lead to a new FPV Racing Sports.

You can order the RatingKing FPV Buggy here
Eachine Rating King

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