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From the beginning of design, center of gravity and durability were key elements in outlining the design goals of the Buzz. Utilizing advance composite 3k woven Carbon Fiber, robustness is gained while minimizing weight. In order to protect the drone from impact, the FPV camera mount was designed around aerospace grade aluminum, further improving the fortitude of the frame and giving pilots the confidence they need for a prime flight experience.

With the newly designed Freestyle brushless motor system, EMAX’s technology pushes new boundaries in terms of performance and responsiveness to allow smooth feedback, giving pilots a greater sense of stability.

Pilots will be able to customize their flight characteristics with two different propeller options. The AVAN Flow will maximize the speed, efficiency, and performance of the Buzz for superior control, while the AVAN Scimitar will lengthen your flight times and survive any accident with unrivaled persistence.

Featuring a redesigned all-in-one stack, named the Magnum II, stability and reliability is now achieved in a performance drone with new features such as 32bit speed controllers and the ability to remotely disable the VTX when servicing your aircraft.

When flying with friends, relaxing with a couple drinks is easier than ever with the integrated bottle opener in the EMAX Buzz.
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