Epic FPV 2016

2016.. what a year! Decades from now people will write that it was this year where FPV drones came to the forefront of people’s minds. I’ve watched the hobby grow with the success of Rotor Riot and the drone racing scene and makes me proud to be here, at the forefront.

I can only hope that my contributions will be recognized as legendary as well. Thanks to all my subscribers for coming along with me on this wild ride! 2017 will assuredly be even more epic.

Music: Ruelle – Live like Legends

Thank you to my sponsors, Flying Cinema for their aid and support over the past year! You guys rock!

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    1. shlllong
    2. glenby2u
    3. RC Team Austria
    5. ShowMe TheTaTa's
    6. Mauricio Torres
    7. chir00n
    8. Fabio Bissacco
    9. Rich Lees (TubeRider)
    10. Expressive Imagery
    11. Guy Nardin
    12. Universal Pioneer
    13. Guigui86
    14. dsingfsw
    15. Mario Bruneau
    16. Mark Cocquio (Strepto)

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