Fall RC | Steve’s New Models | Inductrix FPV BL Flight18:22

We are back after 2 weeks away. Steve acquired some new models. FPV and a flight at the end with the new brushless Inductrix.

Never Stop the RC!!

Where We Fly:


Music: Flash Fluharty “Repeat Customer”

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    1. Derrick Enault
    2. Hayy Papi
    3. Luca Payeux
    4. Plowboy H
    5. stephen billings
    6. Isaac Lyons
    7. Matthew Mann
    8. John A Schwamm Sr
    9. Bobby Enache
    10. sir crash`alot fpv
    11. PD Tech
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    13. David M
    14. Vern Orrell
    15. Bret Archibald
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    17. The Life of John Ness
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