Flying 3D X8 VS. Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter – Test # 2 with the SJCAM M10!10:08

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Flight Control interaction design, concentrated with gyroscope, balance meter, pressure meter
3 flght modes, 5 flying functions(attitude, hight, GPS, returning, AOC)

High precision GPS support, high precision fixed-point, constant speed, and with good resistance to wind.
High precision high, climbing at a constant speed, automatic landing , and with good resistance to wind.

Effectively enhance the flight safety and reduce drop probability by self-course reversal and hover when losing control.

Intelligent landing test, the power output will stop once landing –provide a perfect landing.

Low voltage protection, low voltage automatic landing, significantly prolong the service life of battery.

Automatic course control, in spite the aeroplane heading.

Calibrating and starting flying with no use to contact the computer.

USB hub available, no driver required.

Automatic firmware upgrading online.

System one key recover.

Flying area restrict, height and distance can be auto controlled.

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