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2016 I got to join the Rotor Riot on a trip to Ukraine. The trip was truly amazing. The guys from UADR (Team Ukraine) were the best hosts you could wish for.

We got to go in to the exclusion zone in Chernobyl and visit the ghost town Pripyat that was evacuated during the nuclear melt down.
We had permission to fly wherever we wanted within the town and we all got great footage. It was amazing to explore this place and drink in the history and scale of this disaster.

The UADR also hooked us up with a once in a life time opportunity. To fly around the Antonov 225 and AN 22! The worlds largest jet airplane and the largest propeller aircraft in the world!
Being an airplane nerd this really was crazy. Why the heck would they allow us to fly around this uniq aircrafts? There is literally only 1 in existence! Well it’s built like a tank for sure. They even allowed us to climb on top of of both the 225 and AN 22! And I don’t mean like be careful only step here one at a time thing. Noooo they let everyone that felt like being up there be there at the same time! Probably had 30 people walking around on the top of that plane at one time. Mind blowing.

Easily the best trip I’ve ever been on!

When I got back home it turns out that I lost all footage from inside Pripyat :(. Took me quite a while to get over this (hence why I’m posting now)

Huge thank you to Chad Nowak (FinalGlideAUS) for allowing me to use your follow footage. You should definitely check out his channel:

Also big thanks to Chad Kapper for inviting me and being a good friend.

Check out Rotor Riots episodes from the trip:

MBB – Take it easy

RCExplorer.se – Exploring the RC world, one crash at a time

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