FPV Droning this is what we Love – Crash Airline FPV

FPV flying freestyling or Racing with our Quad Copters, Wings or drive around with RC cars and more this is what we Love and to all the Time!

Hello and Welcome on our channel – this is our Youtube channel Intro!

This little teaser shows only 1% of what we do. There is a lot more going on and we want to share that.
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We would be more than happy to have you folks in our fleet.

Let’s fly fast deep and crash a lot together!

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Social Links

Team pilot – Kerni_FPV
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kerni_fpv/
Website – https://www.fpvracingtirol.at
rotorbuilds.com – https://rotorbuilds.com/build/2144

Only acro/rate mode is the real mode!


Pids stock!


FC: TBS Vision Cube
ESC: DYS XS30A (cap removed) Dshot 600
Motors: ZMX Fusion 2300kv X25
Props.: 3x5x45″ BL
Batterie: Acehe 1500mAh 75C
VideoTR: TBS Vision Cube
Antena: TBS Triumph
Reciver: TBS Crossfire
FPV Cam: HS1177 with hd Lens
FPV glasses: Fatshark Transformer
HD Cam: GoPro Session S5/S4
Settings 2.7k 30FPS Superview Protune on, iso-Limit 400, EV+1

Links & Channel Descrition

Betaflight Releases

Betaflight Wiki

One of the Best PID tuning guide out their by Stingy go and watch!!!

FPV flying this is what we Love, we started back in Summer 2015, we try to upload every week a new video at least!
This is our Channel Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60EMrPFOFhM

Our Videos are always based on FPV flying/driving or testing new stuff and also How-to videos and the most of our Videos end with Big Crash so go and check it out and stay tuned and join us now klickt THAT link!!!! http://bit.ly/2jkaBoT! (link to Subscribe Button!)

We have huge plans for 2017 so make sure that you are following us and let’s have fun together! Next level FPV fun we are ready for it!

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