FPV RACE UK Drone Show – DVR

This was my last qualifiers at the UK drone show! Unfortunately, up until then i had crashed out on the others 🙁 I managed to get a solid 5 laps in this time (took the first 2 laps easy – didnt want to get 0 laps again!) Next time im going to try and get practice in… my quad was fixed 1 day before this event!! (no training since the nationals)
-Shrike 185
-ZMX V3 2300Kv
-HQ Durables 5×4.5×3
-ACHE 1500mah LiHv
-HS1177 w/ 2.3 lens
-X4R Int Fw
-5050 Matek 12v Leds x4 (12 leds total)
-Doms v2 + Laforge v1
-Menace proto antenna

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