FPV Racing MX Mexico Drone Fest 2015 Part One Charpu Cameo

In December 2015 the awesome FPV Racing Mexico team invited me to attend the Mexico Drone Fest 2015 event at the Calle 2 Pavilion in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The first few days were spent constructing the cube-gates and FPV’ing at a couple local spots around Mexico City. This is a brief glimpse at first half of the trip prior to the road trip to Guadalajara and meeting up with the rest of the pilots. Carlos “Charpu” Puertolas was also traveling around Mexico for a separate project and met up with us along the way.

I am incredibly thankful to all the sponsors and organizations who made the event successful and for all the memories we shared along the way.

Mexico Drone Fest www.facebook.com/mexicodronefest
DroneProject www.droneproject.org
FPV Racing Mexico www.fpvracing.mx
ThinkAir www.think-air.com
Project Light-Rider PL-R www.facebook.com/projectlightrider

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