FROZEN FINGERS — FPV Practice — X-Rotor 2205 2300kv – [Old Naze32 F1]03:56


Quick practice this dark morning it was like 50F yet and my fingers are NOT used to it already. So I Honestly think this session was sh*tty but afterward I was like well I DONT GIVE A DAMN. #SENDIT

Thanks for watching!

Drone: Spedix 210 bk, Hobbywing X-rotor 2205-2300kv on 4s LiPo [BetaFlight 3.2.5]
hqprops bullnose 5×4.5×3 , lipo tattu 4s 1500 95c on that particular run… all that running on an old naze32 rev6

HD CAM: Go pro Session 5 set On 1080 Superview 60fps (Exported to 4k)
Edited with Shotcut free software.

Location: QUEBEC sti!


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