FULL drone video w commentary of a Strava KOM13:12

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This video is just literally a drone following me up a 12-minute climb near my house where I snag a pretty uncontested Kom. this is the video I mentioned in the beach cruiser video, where I couldn’t leave without getting the crown.

the skydio R1 drone is seriously insane that it can follow me with such precision all the way up a twisty climb. I show my power and heart rate and other cool stats and talk you through the entire climb and what I was thinking and how I was feeling.

it’s not really a super Banger of a video but it’s just kind of a neat background companion to pass some time. I’m headed to Texas for a week for work so I won’t be able to post a video for at least 7 days so I wanted to at least get this out before that.

Beach Cruiser vid https://youtu.be/2vO4qDPe3MU

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