Full Send in Jay’s S13 at Final Bout – CHRNCLS Vlog 2019 18 (Part 2)35:13

Soon after the dinner break, we head back to USAIR Motorsports Raceway for the evening free-run portion of the 2019 Final Bout Gallery event. It was our first time seeing these guys drive at night and it was pretty cool to see these guys just thrashing on their cars all night. The next day was a completely different in that the course was completely reversed and everyone would be driving what some have come to know as the “Super D” layout. Essentially the Advanced course that was used for the competition the day prior would be flipped around. This added a new level of difficulty for everyone but they’d have the entire afternoon to get acquainted with it. I felt like the Final Bout Vlog wouldn’t be complete without some in-car footage so I link-up with my Socal friends from Auto Factory Realize for some much needed assistance. Jay Kubota from Realize was a first-timer at Final Bout, finishing his car just recently to drive at the event so I thought he was the perfect candidate to give you guys a ride-along. We get to see him learn the course, drive with some friends, and get a unique perspective into what Final Bout is all about. Huge thanks to the boys from Auto Factory Realize for always helping me out. I first met them back at Final Bout 2 in 2015 so it was fitting to have them featured in our vlog once again for a FB event.

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yasutaka Shimomukai (@exceed_japan)
Jay Kubota (@whorechatawhore)
Chuck Uemura (@chuckipoo)
Gary Sukrattanawong (@garysuk)
Dominic Sacco (@dominic_goldstar)
Final Bout (@finalbout)

If you want to see more from the guys at Auto Factory Realize, head over to their YouTube channel!!

Auto Factory Realize TV

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